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GSaME: Visual Analytics for Industrial Engineering

Visual Analytics is a new scientific discipline between visualization, human-computer-interaction and data analysis. Visual Analytics focuses the combination of automatic analysis techniques and highly interactive, visual interfaces. Using the tools and methods of Visual Analytics, usable knowledge is extracted from mere data, insight is derived from massive, dynamic and often inconsistent data sets, timely and comprehensible evaluations are created and these evaluations are refined for the presentation to decision makers.

The goal of this research project is to adapt and extend Visual Analytics techniques for the successful integration in the processes of digital and virtual engineering. Challenges arise from the variety of data types in the domains of product data, process data, factory data, order and logistics data. Using modeling and simulation of flexible manufacturing systems, a basis for the development and evaluation of visualization and analysis techniques will be created. Attention is also given to including the time factor and the scalability of solutions from mobile devices to management cockpits.

In this project, Visual Analytics techniques have so far been applied to natural language texts, social networks, and binary data. In the manufacturing domain, two visualizations have been implemented based on a simulation of iTRAME processes. We use a visualization of the spatial process layout to display spatial data such as work piece density, waiting times, and the length of queues. The time line visualization shows machine and work pieces states over the simulation time.

Visual Analytics für Binärdaten, soziale Netzwerke und flexible Fertigungsprozesse