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The departments of the Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems are doing research in the fields of Computer Graphics and Visualization, Interactive Systems and Human-Computer-Interaction as well as Intelligent Systems and Computer Vision. We mainly focus on basic research (usually promoted by the German Research Council) and applied research (mainly promoted by Federal Ministries and the European Union). Additionally, thematically there can be found some points of contact as well as common projects between the departments. Spreading research directions are Visual Computing and Interactive Intelligent Systems.

Visual Computing and Computer Graphics


  • Benutzungsschnittstellen für mobile Systeme und Fahrzeuge
  • Pervasive und Ubiquituous Computing Systeme
  • Entwurf und Evaluierung interaktiver Systeme
  • Sensor-/Aktor-Netze und Wearable Computing

Computer Vision

  • Motion Estimation / Optical Flow
  • 3-D Stereo Reconstruction / Scene Flow
  • Shape from Shading
  • Image Registration / Image Fusion

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

  • Denoising Methods
  • Deinterlacing and Superresolution
  • High Dynamic Range Imaging
  • Image and Video Compression

Scientific Computing

  • Multigrid Methods
  • Splitting and Factorization Techniques
  • Parallel Computing (MPI)
  • Special Hardware (GPU,CELL)