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Information about exams at the VIS-Institute

For those exams offered by the VIS-Institute the test orders of the particular courses of studies are also valid. Additionally, please inform yourself on the Prüfungswebseiten (exam web sites) of the Faculty of Computer Science.

Here you will find the current dates for oral exams. They will be held, if no further information is given, at the following sites:



Universitätsstr. 38

Prof. Ertl Raum 1.445
Prof. Bruhn Raum 1.459

Allmandring 19

Prof. Fuchs Raum 01.006
Prof. Weiskopf Raum 01.002
Dr. Sadlo Raum 01.005

Pfaffenwaldring 5A

Prof. Schmidt

Raum 01.023

Bachelor- and Master courses of study

In general, please note:

  • Without registration at the exam office, you cannot participate in the exam.
  • The registration dates of the exam office can be found here
  • The exact modalities can be found within the module manual
  • The exam dates are mentioned on the web sites of the exam office


The following exams are offered:


  • Human-Computer-Interaction: 6 LP
  • Computer Graphics: 6 LP
  • Basics of Artificial Intelligence: 6 LP
  • Imaging Science: 6 LP


  • Picture synthesis: 6 LP
  • Geometrical Modelling and Animation: 6 LP
  • Visual Computing: 6 LP
  • Visualization: 6 LP
  • Multimodal interaction for ubiquitous computers: 6 LP

Diploma courses of study

In general, please note:

  • Introductions, being not part of a recess line, are examined in writing within the framework "Computer Science I" and/or the basic exams for the Bachelors
  • In order to get an oral exam date, please register before (in writing) at the VIS-Sekretariat
  • This registration is done simultaneously according to the registration dates of the Prüfungsamt
  • In case you have not registered at the Institute, you will get an obligatory date. When you are absent at that date, the exam will be valued with the mark 5,0.
  • The dates for oral exams are published within the Web and by special notice on the Institute's black board


The following exams are offered:

Proff. Ertl, Fuchs, Weiskopf

  • Bases of the Interactive Systems (orally, only in VTL (recess line)): 3V + 1Ü
  • Picture Synthesis: 3V + 1Ü
  • Modelling and Animation: 3V + 1Ü
  • Visualization: 3V + 1Ü
  • Advanced real time rendering techniques: 2V + 1Ü

Prof. Bruhn

  • Bases of Aritifical Intelligence (orally, only in VTL (recess line)): 3V + 1Ü
  • Computer Vision: 3V + 1Ü
  • Neuronal Nets: 2V + 1Ü
  • Statistical Data Mining: 2V + 1Ü

Prof. Schmidt

  • Multimodale interaction for ubiquitous computers: 2V + 2Ü