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Dipl. Inf. Benjamin Höferlin

Dipl.-Inf. Dr. Benjamin Höferlin

Office: Informatikgebäude 1.456

Universität Stuttgart
Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart

Phone Number: +49 (711) 685-88334

Telefax Number: +49 (711) 685-88340

E-Mail Address:


My research is focused on computer vision, especially on the analysis of video data. I'm currently working on "Visual Analytics of Video Data", a project which is embeded in the DFG Priority Programme "Scalable Visual Analytics: Interactive Visual Analysis Systems of Complex Information Spaces" (SPP 1335).


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  • Rul Gunzenhäuser Preis 2009 (link)
  • VAST 09 Challenge Award - Video Mini Challenge: Outstanding Video Analysis Tool (link)
  • VAST 09 Challenge Award - Grand Challenge: Excellent Example of Analytic Tradecraft (link)


Optional Lecture 3V+1Ü SS 2010
Computer Vision
Optional Lecture 3V+1Ü SS 2010
Computer Vision
Optional Lecture 3V+1Ü SS 2009
Computer Vision
Main Study / Recess Line 3V+1Ü SS 2011

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