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Empirische Methoden für Medieninformatik
Type: Applied sciences course of study: core modules - 3rd Semester
Term: WS 2015/2016
Amount: 1V+3Ü
Course of study: Bachelor Media Computer Science
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt



V1 19.10.15 Introduction, Ethics
Survey, Rating Scale, Free Description / Interviews
T1 9.11.15 Survey Tools P-5a-0.009
V2 16.11.15 Descriptive Statistics and Validation P-5a-0.009
V3 23.11.15 Experiments, Task and Hypothesis P-5a-0.009
  30.11.15 No lecture  
V4 7.12.15 Functions, Line-fitting and Dependent Variables P-5a-0.009
V5 14.12.15 Statistics and T-Test P-5a-0.009
V6 11.01.16 Statistics and T-Test P-5a-0.009
V7 18.01.16 Physiological sensing P-5a-0.009
T2 15.01.16 Tutorial on Physiological sensing P-5a-0.009
T3 22.01.16 Basics SPSS P-5a-0.009
T4 25.01.16 Tutorial on Eye-tracking P-5a-0.009
T5 TBA Excursion to MPI Tübingen  


Ü1 30.10.15 Data collection using a survey P-5a-0.009
Ü2 06.11.15 Excel graphs and plotting tools P-5a-0.009
Ü3 13.11.15 Fitts Law experiment P-5a-0.009
Ü4 27.11.15 Fitts Law experiment II  
Ü5 18.12.15 A-B Test, Metric and T-Test  
Ü6 22.01.16 Physiological measurements, Eye-tracking  
Ü7 29.01.16 SPSS  
Ü8 01.02.16 Eye tracking  


Ilias Kurs für Medieninformatik: Ilias

Weitere Informationen für Softwaretechnik: Kursseite

Schedule: Monday, 17:30 - 19:00 o'clock (every second week) in P-5a-0.009
Exercise: Monday, 17:30 - 19:00 o'clock (every second week) in P-5a-0.009
Friday, 14:00 - 15:30 o'clock in P-5a-0.009 (Medieninformatik)
Friday, 14:00 - 15:30 o'clock in V38.02 (Softwaretechnik)
Tutor: Pascal Knierim M.Sc.
Dipl.-Inf. Markus Funk

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