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Fachpraktikum "Grafik-Programmierung"
Semester: SS 2011
Umfang: 4FP
Prüfer: Grzegorz K. Karch M.Sc.
Dipl.-Phys. Michael Raschke

Wichtige Hinweise

The kick-off meeting will be held on Wednesday, 09.02.2011 at 14:00 in 0.452 (VIS Lab). We will explain all administrative topics and can clarify possible problems, so every participant should attend this meeting. The proposed schedule may be changed on students' request, if possible.


At least one of the supervisors will be present to answer questions in the VIS-Lab (Room 0.452) at the following times:

  • Every Monday 13:00 - 14:00
  • Every Friday 13:30 - 14:30


  1. OpenGL Programming Guide - Third Edition (OpenGL 1.2) , Mason Woo, Jackie Neider, Tom Davis, Dave Shreiner, Addison Wesley, 1999, OpenGL
  2. Programming with Qt - First Edition, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, O'Reilly, 1999, Qt
  3. An Introduction to Ray Tracing, Andrew S. Glassner, Academic Press, 1989, Raytracing
  4. Computer Graphics - Principle and Practice - Second Edition, Foley, van Dam, Feiner, Huges, Addison Wesley, 1990, Computer Graphics
    1. OpenGL Graphics Library
    2. Nate Robin's OpenGL Tutors
    3. QT Widget Set
    4. QT Tutorial
    5. Doxygen Document Generator
    6. spyGLass - OpenGL call tracer / Debugger
    7. Version Control with SVN SVN manual


Each participant must work on his own solution. Submissions that are apparently identical will not be graded but you are encouraged to discuss the assignments in groups.


Assignments and supplemental material will be provided when the course begins.

Deadlines Summer Term 2011

AssignmentStart dateDeadline
1 Hello Cube3! Friday, 29.04.2011 Friday, 13.05.2011
2 Viewer/Modeller Monday, 16.05.2011 Friday, 27.05.2011
3 Volume Renderer Monday, 30.05.2011 Friday, 10.06.2011
4 Raytracer Monday, 13.06.2011 Friday, 24.06.2011
5 Freestyle
First Concept   Monday, 27.06.2011
Final Concept   Friday, 01.07.2011
Implementation   Friday, 22.07.2011
Presentation   Friday, 29.07.2011

Your submission must be committed to the Subversion repository by 13:00 (CEST), correcting and grading takes place during the course on the day of the deadline!
Attendance of the course (Lab time) is mandatory at the submission day of each submission.
The review of the submission includes a discussion with one of the supervisors (see "Grading and Certificate" below).


The results of the fifth assignment will be presented in the VIS-Lab (Room 0.452) at the end of the term. In the audience there will be the participants, their supervisors, and presumably many members of the Visualization Department. There will be the possibility to socialize with future supervisors of student research projects and diploma theses.

Grading and Certificate

For each assignment you will receive up to 20 points, so there is a total of 100 points to achieve. To get a certificate you have to reach at least 60 points. In assignment 1-4 at least 9 points must be reached, and 14 points for the last assignment. The assignments have to be handed in at the given dates and times. Solutions handed in too late or not compiling on the computers of the Lab without errors cannot be graded. Warnings during compile time lead to deduction of points. The grading takes place directly after the deadline in attandance of the students. The achieved number of points is mailed to you afterward. Additional functionality which is suitable to the assignment and exceeds the given task can be awarded with up to 2 extra points.

Termine: Montag, 13:00 - 14:00 Uhr in 0.452
Freitag, 13:30 - 14:30 Uhr in 0.452

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