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Visual Computing
Typ: Hauptstudium / Vertiefungslinie
Semester: WS 2013/2014
Umfang: 2V+2Ü
Studiengang: Master Informatik, Diplom Informatik, Master Softwaretechnik, Diplom Softwaretechnik
Dozent: Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Fuchs







Important information

The lecture takes place every Tuesday, 14:00 - 15:30 o'clock in VISUS-00.012. The tutorial is held every Friday 11:30 - 13:00 o'clock in 0.457.

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Old information:

We kindly ask you to read and follow the submission details at the end of each worksheet. Especially the part on correctly naming the folder that is sent to us in a ZIP file.

The introductory slides of the tutorial are available here.

Please be on time to the tutorial on Friday, 25.10.2013, 11:30 AM!

The second lecture (01: Images, Quantization and Reconstruction) will be held on Friday (18.10.2013) in 0.457.


The class is concerned with the digital processing of visual information by means of computer vision, computer graphics and image processing. It covers the following three interlocking topic complexes:

Image processing

• mathematical basics of image representations
• noise models and noise suppression (including morphological, bilateral, and non-local filters)
• selected topics from discrete image processing on image regions (e.g. photo montage with graph cuts, texture synthesis and space-time video completion)

Measuring / displaying light

• selected topics from simple optics (esp. thin lenses and their interactions with light)
• geometric camera models and calibration, typical optical distortions and means to counter them
• radiometric camera calibration and HDR imaging
• measuring and displaying color
• plenoptic imaging / integral photography techniques, light field rendering and light field displays
• passive stereo

Combined camera / illumination systems

• camera - illumination systems and photometric stereo
• active stereo and projector-camera systems
• the light transport matrix, its measurement and applications
Throughout, the class equally covers both acquisition (camera) and displays systems.






• Andrew S. Glassner, Principles of Digital Image Synthesis, 1995
• J. Foley, A. van Dam, S. Feiner, J. Hughes, Computer Graphics: Principle and Practice, 1990
• Jähne, Bernd, Digitale Bildverarbeitung, 2005
• M. Pharr, G. Humphreys, Physically Based Rendering, 2004

List of Topics (tentative)

Lecture Date Slides Last Update Revision

00: Introduction

15.10.2013 00_Introduction.pdf 2013-10-15

01: Images, Quantization and Reconstruction

18.10.2013 01_Images_Quantization_Reconstruction.pdf 2013-10-18

02: Sampling, Linear Filters and Scales

29.10.2013 02_Sampling_Filters_Scales.pdf 2013-10-29

03: Noise in Images

05.11.2013 03_Noise.pdf 2013-11-05

04: Fun with the Neighborhood

12.11.2013 04_Neighborhoods.pdf 2013-11-12

05: Digital Sensors + Displays

19.11.2013 05_Sensors.pdf 2013-11-19

06: Camera Optics

26.11.2013 06_Optics.pdf 2013-11-26

07: HDR Imaging and Sensor Noise

03.12.2013 07_Exposure.pdf 2013-12-03

08: Plenoptic Imaging

10.12.2013 08_Plenoptic.pdf 2013-12-10

09: Passive Stereo and Stereo Displays

17.12.2013 09_Multicam.pdf

10: Shape from Appearance

07.01.2014 10_ShapeFromAppearance.pdf 2014-01-07

11: Cameras + Projector Systems

14.01.2014 11_Projcam.pdf 2014-01-14

12: Linear Light Transport

21.01.2014 12_Linearlight.pdf 2014-01-21

13: Interactive Techniques + Appearance Synthesis


14: Q&A


14_QandA.pdf 2014-02-04



Skeleton Revision Notes
assignment_01 skeleton_01 1 imglib_doxygen, fixed filename, added information about compilation on the workstations in the lab
assignment_02 skeleton_02
assignment_03 skeleton_03
Article for the assignment 3.2;
The assignment and skeleton have been updated.
assignment_04 skeleton_04 2 supplemental material, add #include <algorithm>; to imgfilter.cpp if compilation fails, Equation (4) corrected
assignment_05 skeleton_05 2 Data blatt, plant, corrected S', removed wrong areaSum, corrected contract for summedArea, if makesequence fails, choose a different startframe
assignment_06 skeleton_06 1
assignment_07 skeleton_07 1 Data darkframes, images1, images2, output_example


Calibration Patterns, POV-Ray Scene


Added a hint to the assignment 9.1 a).
assignment_10 skeleton_10 2
Image pairs; corrected l_3 in assignment 10.2
assignment_11 skeleton_11 1
Reflectance Field (110 MB)
assignment_12 skeleton_12 1 High frequency pattern set

Wang et al., 2010: A Context-Aware Light Source
Bild 1: Wang et al., 2010: A Context-Aware Light Source
Termine: Dienstag, 14:00 - 15:30 Uhr in VISUS-00.012
Übungen: Freitag, 11:30 - 13:00 Uhr in 0.457
Tutor: Sebastian Koch M.Sc.
Dipl.-Inf. Alexandros Panagiotidis
Grzegorz K. Karch M.Sc.

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