Action-Based Multi-Field Video Visualization

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One challenge in video processing is to detect actions and events, known or unknown, in video streams dynamically. This paper proposes a visualization solution, where a video stream is depicted as a series of snapshots at a relatively sparse interval, and detected actions are highlighted with continuous abstract illustrations. The combined imagery and illustrative visualization conveys multi-field information in a manner similar to electrocardiograms (ECG) and seismographs. We thus name this type of video visualization as VideoPerpetuoGram (VPG). In this paper, we describe a system that handles the raw and processed information of the video stream in a multi-field visualization pipeline. As examples, we consider the needs for highlighting several types of processed information, including detected actions in video streams, and estimated relationship between recognized objects. We examine the effective means for depicting multi-field information in VPG, and support our choice of visual mappings through a survey. Our GPU implementation facilitates the VPG-specific viewing specification through a sheared object space, as well as volume bricking and combinational rendering of volume data and glyphs.

Index Terms - Video analysis, Multidimensional, Feature representation, Viewing algorithms, Picture/Image Generation, Computer Graphics, Computing Methodologies, Summation methods, Reconstruction, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Graphics processors, Hardware Architecture

Last modified: August 6th, 2008
by Sven Bachthaler