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Visualization and Interactive Systems Group (VIS)

Katrin Bidmon

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University of Stuttgart
Visualization Research Center VISUS
Allmandring 19
70569 Stuttgart
Tel: +49 (0)711 685-88624
Fax: +49 (0)711 685-88610
Collaborative research centre (SFB) 716 : Dynamic simulation of systems with large numbers of particles

Subproject D.4 "Interactive Visualisation of Protein-Solvent Systems' Dynamic and Complex Properties"
In this subproject visualisation techniques for the interactive anlysis of protein-solvent systems are explored and developed. The main focus lies on the expolration of the dynamic properties of the solvent, which is treated unsatisfactorily or even failed to consider by present tools.

BMBF-Projekt AutoOpt (german only)


WiSe 07/08
SoSe 2007
WiSe 06/07
WiSe 05/06
SoSe 2005
WiSe 04/05
SoSe 2004
WiSe 03/04
  • Übungen zur Vorlesung Graphical-Interactive Systems
SoSe 2003
  • Übungen zur Vorlesung Visualization
WiSe 02/03
  • Übungen zur Vorlesung Grundlagen der interaktiven Systeme
  • Übungen zur Vorlesung Modellierung und Animation
   Advised student thesis     

M. Krone, K. Bidmon, and T. Ertl.
Interactive Visualization of Molecular Surface Dynamics.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings Visualization / Information Visualization 2009) , 15(6):1391-1398, 2009.
[pdf]   |   [bibtex]
A. Schilling, K. Bidmon, O. Sommer und T. Ertl.
Filling Arbitrary Holes in Finite Element Models
In Proceedings of 17th International Meshing Roundtable 2008, pages 231 - 248.
K. Bidmon, S. Grottel, F. Bös, J. Pleiss, and T. Ertl.
Visual Abstractions of Solvent Pathlines near Protein Cavities.
In Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 27, Issue 3 (EuroVis 2008 Proceedings),
pages 935 - 942, 2008.
M. Krone, K. Bidmon and T. Ertl.
GPU-based Visualisation of Protein Secondary Structure
In Proceedings of TPCG 2008, pages 115 - 122.
K. Bidmon, G. Reina, F. Bös, J. Pleiss, and T. Ertl.
Time-Based Haptic Analysis of Protein Dynamics.
In Proceedings of World Haptics Conference (WHC 2007), pp. 537-542
[pdf]   |   [bibtex]
G. Reina, K. Bidmon, F. Enders, P. Hastreiter, and T. Ertl.
GPU-Based Hyperstreamlines for Diffusion Tensor Imaging.
In Proceedings of EUROVIS 2006, pages 35-42, 2006.
[pdf]   |   [bibtex]
Katrin Bidmon and Thomas Ertl.
Generation of Mesh Variants via Volumetrical Representation and Subsequent Mesh Optimisation .
In Proceedings 14th International Meshing Roundtable, pages 275-286, 2005.
[pdf]   |   [bibtex]
K. Bidmon, D. Rose, and T. Ertl.
Intuitive, Interactive, and Robust Modification and Optimization of Finite Element Models.
In Proceedings 13 International Meshing Roundtable, pages 59-69, 2004.
[pdf]   |   [bibtex]
D. Rose, K. Bidmon, and T. Ertl.
Intuitive and Interactive Modification of Large Finite Element Models.
In Proceedings of IEEE Visualization '04 , pages 361-368. IEEE, 2004.
[pdf]   |   [bibtex]