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Institut für Visualisierung und Interaktive Systeme

Dr. Bernd Bohnet


Universität Stuttgart
Azenbergstr. 12
70174 Stuttgart
Raum: 2.10
Tel.: +49 (0) 711 / 685-81358
E-mail: bohnet(AT)

  • Natural Language Processing, Text Generation, Dependency Parsing, Summarization, Dialog Systems
  • Graph Grammars, Graph and Tree Transducers
  • Cognitive Science
Books (Monographies)
  • B. Bohnet (2006) Textgenerierung durch Transduktion linguistischer Strukturen. DISKI 298. AKA, Berlin.

Journal Papers and Book Chapters
  • Leo Wanner, Bernd Bohnet, Nadjet Bouayad-Agha, Francois Lareau, Daniel Nickla\ss. MARQUIS: Generation of User-Tailored Multilingual Air Quality Bulletins. 2010. To appear in Applied Artificial Intelligence

  • Gabriele Taentzer, Enrico Biermann, Denes Bisztray, Bernd Bohnet, Iovka Boneva, Artur Boronat, Leif Geiger, Rubino Geiss, Akos Horvath, Ole Kniemeyer, Tom Mens, Benjamin Ness, Detlef Plump, Tamas Vajk. (2008) Generation of Sierpinski Triangles: A Case Study for Graph Transformation Tools. LNCS, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 514-539

  • L. Wanner and B. Bohnet. (2007) Automatic Recognition of Lexical Function Instances. Selected Lexical and Grammatical Issues in the Meaning-Text Theory. In honour of Igor Mel'cuk. Ed. Leo Wanner. Studies in Language Companion Series 84. John Benjamins. Pages 231-262.

  • L. Wanner, B. Bohnet, and M. Giereth. (2006) Making Sense of Collocations. Computer Speech & Language Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2006, Pages 609-624.

  • L. Wanner, B. Bohnet, M. Giereth and V. Vidal. (2005) The first steps towards the automatic compilation of specialized collocation dictionaries. Application-Driven Terminology Engineering. John Benjamins Publishing Company. Ibekwe-San Juan, Fidelia, Anne Condamines and M. Teresa Cabré Castellví (eds.), Volume 11, Number 1, pp. 143-180 (38)
Conference Papers
  • Bernd Bohnet, Leo Wanner, Simon Mill and Alicia Burga. 2010. Broad Coverage Multilingual Deep Sentence Generation with a Stochastic Multi-Level Realizer. The 23rd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2010), Beijing, China.

  • Wolfgang Seeker, Bernd Bohnet, Lilja Ovrelid and Jonas Kuhn. 2010. Informed ways of improving data-driven dependency parsing for German. The 23rd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2010), Beijing, China.

  • Anders Björkelund, Bernd Bohnet, Love Hafdell, Pierre Nugues. 2010. A High-Performance Syntactic and Semantic Dependency Parser. Demo Session. The 23rd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2010), Beijing, China.

  • Bernd Bohnet. 2010. Top Accuracy and Fast Dependency Parsing is not a Contradiction. The 23rd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2010), Beijing, China.

  • Bernd Bohnet and Leo Wanner. (2010) Open Soucre Graph Transducer Interpreter and Grammar Development Environment. Proceedings of the Seventh conference on International Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10). pdf

  • Benoit Favre, Bernd Bohnet, and Dilek Hakkani-Tür. (2010) Evaluation of Semantic Role Labeling and Dependency Parsing of Automatic Speech Recognition Output. 35th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP)

  • Benoit Favre and Bernd Bohnet. (2009) The Generation of References to the Main Subject and Named Entities using Conditional Random Fields. ACL-IJCNLP 2009 Workshop: Language Generation and Summarisation (UCNLG+Sum).

  • Daniel Gillick, Benoit Favre, Dilek Hakkani-Tür, Bernd Bohnet, Yang Liu, Shasha Xie. 2009. The ICSI/UTD Summarization System at TAC 2009. Text Analysis Conference, Gaithersburg, MD (USA) - 2009

  • Bernd Bohnet. (2009) Synchronous Parsing of Syntactic and Semantic Structures. Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Meaning-Text Theory.

  • Bernd Bohnet. (2009) Efficient Parsing of Syntactic and Semantic Dependency Structures. Proceedings of Conference on Natural Language Learning (CoNLL), Boulder, 67-72.

  • Bernd Bohnet. (2008) IS-G. Comparison of Different Learning Techniques for the Selection of the Main Subject Reference. Proceedings of the Fifth International Natural Language Generation Conference, Columbus, 192-194

  • Bernd Bohnet. (2008) The Fingerprint of Human Referring Expressions and their Surface Realization with Graph Transducers. Proceedings of the Fifth International Natural Language Generation Conference, Columbus, Ohio, 207-211

  • B. Bohnet. (2007) IS-FBN, IS-FBS, IS-IAC: The Adaptation of Two Classic Algorithms for the Generation of Referring Expressions in order to Produce Expressions like Humans Do. Language Generation and Machine Translation (UCNLG+MT) workshop at MT Summit XI. Copenhagen, 84-86.

  • B. Bohnet. (2007) The Induction and Evaluation of Word Order Rules Using Corpora Based on the Two Concepts of Topological Models. Language Generation and Machine Translation (UCNLG+MT) workshop at MT Summit XI. Copenhagen, 38-45.

  • B. Bohnet. (2007) Covering the Mapping from Semantics up to Morphology by Transducers. Third International Conference on Meaning-Text Theory. Wiener Slawistischer Almanach, Sonderband 69. 10 pages

  • B. Bohnet, F. Lareau, L. Wanner. (2007) Automatic Production of Multilingual Environmental Information. EnviroInfo 2007. Warsaw, Polen.

  • Karppinen, A.; Sofiev, M.; Kukkonen, J.;Ranta, H.; Linkosalo, T.; Nicklaß, D.; Bohnet, B.; Wanner, L. (2007): Pollen: A Challenge for environmental information services. In: Proceedings of EnviroInfo 2007, Warsaw.

  • L. Wanner, B. Bohnet, N. Bouayad-Agha, F. Lareau, A. Lohmeyer, D. Nicklaß. (2007). On the Challenge of Creating and Communicating Air Quality Information. In: Procedings of ISESS conference 2007, Prague.

  • L. Wanner, D. Nicklaß, B. Bohnet, N. Bouayad-Agha, J. Bronder, F. Ferreira, R. Friedrich, A. Karppinen, F. Lareau, A. Lohmeyer, A. Panighi, S. Parisio, H. Scheu-Hachtel, J. Serpa. (2007). From Measurement Data to Environmental Information: MARQUIS - A multimodal air quality information service for the general public. In: Procedings of ISESS conference 2007, Prague.

  • Leo Wanner, Bernd Bohnet, and Mark Giereth. (2006) What is beyond Collocations? Insights from Machine Learning Experiments. EURALEX.

  • L. Wanner, D. Nicklas, R. Friedrich, A. Panighi, B. Bohnet, E. Lehmann, S. Parisio, H. Scheu-Hachtel, A. Lohmeyer, M. Remedio, A. Karppinen, F. Ferreira, J. Bronder. (2006). Das mltimodale Luft-Qualitdts-Informationssystem MARQUIS. In: IfGI prints 23, Geosensornetzwerke von der Forschung zur praktischen Anwendung, 73-84

  • Leo Wanner & Bernd Bohnet & Margarita Alonso. (2005) The True, Deep Happiness: Towards the Automatic Semantic Classification of Adjective-Noun Collocations. In Kiefer F. et al. (eds.), Papers in Computacional Lexicography (COMPLEX) 2005, Linguistics Institute and Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, 255-265

  • B. Bohnet and R. Dale. (2005) Viewing Referring Expression Generation as a Search Problem. Nineteenth International Joint Conference on Artifical Intelligence (IJCAI). Edinburgh, 1004-1009

  • B. Bohnet and H. Seniv. (2004) Mapping Dependency Structures to Phrase Structures and the Automatic Acquisition of Mapping Rules. LREC. Portugal, Lisboa, 855-858

  • Stefan Klatt & Bernd Bohnet. (2004) You don't have to think twice if you carefully tokenize. 1st International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP-04), China, Sanya City, 299-309.

  • B. Bohnet. (2004) A Graph Grammar Approach to Map between Dependency Trees and Topological Models. The 1st International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP-04). China, Sanya City, 636-645.

  • Bernd Bohnet. (2003) Mapping Phrase Structures to Dependency Structures in the Case of Free Word Order Languages. The First International Conference on Meaning-Text Theory. Paris, 239-249.

  • L. Wanner, B. Bohnet and M. Giereth. (2003) Deriving the Communicative Structure in Applied NLG. Proceedings of the 9th European Natural Language Generation Workshop at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Budapest, 111-118.

  • B. Bohnet, S. Klatt and L. Wanner. (2002) An Approach to Automatic Annotation of Functional Information to Adjectives with an Application to German. In Third International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2002), Workshop: Linguistic Knowledge Acquisition and Representation, Las Palmas, Canary Islands 2002.

  • B. Bohnet and L. Wanner. (2001) On Using a Parallel Graph Rewriting Formalism in Generation. In proceedings of the 8th European Natural Language Generation Workshop at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Toulouse, 47-56

  • B. Bohnet ; L. Wanner ; R. Ebel ; B. Knoerzer ; M. Tauber ; W. Weiss, H. Scheu-Hachtel. Autotext-UIS. (2001) Automatische Produktion von Ozonkurzberichten im Umweltinformationssystem Baden-Württemberg. In: Neue Methoden fuer das Wissensmanagement im Umweltschutz : 4. Workshop des GI Arbeitskreises Hypermedia im Umweltschutz und Workshop 3 der GI-Initiative Environmental Markup Language - 29, 21-32.

  • B. Bohnet, A. Langjahr and L. Wanner. 2000. A Development Environment for MTT-Based Sentence Generators. In Proceedings of the SEPLN-2000. Vigo, Spain, 35-36.

  • L. Wanner, B. Bohnet and C. Gerstenberger. 2000. Generation of Air Pollutant Information. In Proceedings of the SEPLN-2000. Vigo, Spain, 37-40.

  • B. Bohnet, A. Langjahr and L. Wanner. (2000) A Development Environment for an MTT-Based Sentence Generator. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Natural Language Generation. Mitzpe Ramon, Israel, 260-263
   Shared Tasks     
  • Generation Challenge 2010: GREC-NEG (Named Entity Generation)

  • CoNLL-2009 Shared Task: Syntactic and Semantic Dependencies in Multiple Languages
    Ranked 4th for syntactic and semantic parsing; 2nd for dependency parsing: 1st for German and English dependency parsing

  • NIST TAC 2009 Shared Task for Summarization as member of the ICSI team
    ICSI/UTD Summarization Systems was top ranked due to different metrics

  • Generation Challenge 2009: GREC-NEG (Named Entity Generation) and GREC-MSR (Main Subject References)
    Ranked 1st (NEG) and 3rd (MSR)

  • Referring Expression Generation Challenge 2008: Attribute Selection for Referring Expression Generation, Referring Expression Generation
    (Ranked somewhere in the middle)

  • NLG Challenge on Attribute Selection for Generating Referring Expressions (ASGRE) in 2007
    Ranked 1st for similarity score (DICE)

  • Übungen zur Vorlesung Informatik III (2001/02)
  • Übungen zur Vorlesung Grundlagen der Wissensverarbeitung (2000-2002)
  • Übungen zur Vorlesung Information Retrieval (2002/03)
  • Übungen zur Vorlesung Anwendungen der Sprachverarbeitung (2003)
  • Hauptseminar Cognitive Science (2002-2003)
  • Kompaktkurs Java (2000-2003)
  • Kompaktkurs LISP (zusammen mit Stefan Klatt, 2001/02)
  • Studienprojekt A für Softwaretechniker: IBIS (2002-03)
  • Studienprojekt A für Softwaretechniker: Erstellung von multimodalen Schadstoffberichten (2003-04)
  • Hauptseminar Textgenerierung (zusammen mit Prof. U. Heid und Prof. E. Lehmann, 2004, 2005)
  • Hauptseminar Natuerlichsprachliche Benutzerschnittstellen (zusammen mit Prof. U. Heid 2006)
  • Graph and Tree Transducer Interpreter and Development Environment

  • Syntactic Analyzer: Tagger, Lemmatizer, Dependency Parser

  • Semantic Role Labeler: Predicate Identification, Argument Identification, Argument Classification, Word Sense Disambiguation

  • Applied Text Generation: Auto-Text
    Auto-Text is a system for automatic generation of air polution reports. The project was founded by the Ministry of Environment and Traffic of the province Badenwürttemberg. The Auto-Text system was developted by Leo Wanner and Bernd Bohnet using an early release of the MATE system. Since 2001 the system is in summer from april to september online available. The system is hosted by the UMEG one of the project partners (AutoText via link Ozon-Kurzberichte).

  • Automatic semantic classifikation of collocations
    The goal of the Projekt with the title Acciones Integradas Hispano-Alemans 2003-D/0232983 was the automatic classifikation of Spanish collocations. The project was supported by the DAAD.

  • Applied Text Generation - Multimodal Air Quality Information Service for General Public: Marquis
    Marquis is a cross-border information service that provides user-tailored analysis, interpretation, and multilingual communication for meteorological and air quality information for selected regions in the EU. The project is part of eContent program of the EU and it lasts from 2005 until 2006. I have lead the work package Multimodal and Multilingual Information Generation.

  • Innovative Language Technology: IS²
    Currently, we start a company for Natural Language Processing which is support by the Technoloy Transfer Initiative of University of Stuttgart and the state of Baden-Württemberg.
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