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Thomas Klein


My research at VIS was mostly focused on GPU-based volume visualization techniques. However, my research interests also include general GPU-based visualization techniques, parallel computing and GPU clusters, and physically-based simulations. Lately, I have also worked on topology-based methods for vector field visualization as part of project Sonderforschungsbereich 382.

I have completed my PhD end of 2008 and work for Nvidia now.

   Former Projects     
  • Visualization of 3D flow simulations
  • glslDevil - A Debugger for the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL)

  • GPU-based Raycasting

  • Reconstruction of Polygonal Isosurfaces on the GPU
  • Simulation and Interactive Point-based Rendering of Large Numbers of Particles in a Magnetic Field

  • "Realtime" Simulation of Water Surfaces

  •    Publications     
    • Markus Üffinger,Thomas Klein, Magnus Strengert, and Thomas Ertl.
      GPU-based Streamlines for Surface-Guided 3D Flow Visualization,
      Proceedings of the Workshop on Vision, Modelling, and Visualization 2008 (VMV '08),
      pp. 91-100, 2008.
      [ps]   |   [pdf]   |   [bibtex]

    • Magnus Strengert, Thomas Klein, and Thomas Ertl.
      A Hardware-Aware Debugger for the OpenGL Shading Language,
      Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH/EUROGRAPHICS Conference on Graphics Hardware '07,
      pp. 81-88, 2007.
      [ps]   |   [pdf]   |   [bibtex]

    • Guido Reina, Thomas Klein, and Thomas Ertl.
      Visualization of Attributed 3D Point Datasets,
      Chapter in Point-Based Graphics, Markus Gross and Hanspeter Pfister (Eds.),
      pp. 420-435, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2007.
      ISBN: 978-0-12-370604-1
      [ps]   |   [pdf]   |   [bibtex]

    • Martin Kraus, Magnus Strengert, Thomas Klein, and Thomas Ertl.
      Adaptive Sampling in Three Dimensions for Volume Rendering on GPUs,
      Proceedings of the Asia Pacific Symposium on Visualization '07,
      pp. 113-120, 2007.
      [ps]   |   [pdf]   |   [bibtex]

    • Thomas Klein and Thomas Ertl.
      Scale-Space Tracking of Critical Points in 3D Vector Fields,
      in Topology-Based Methods in Visualization, H. Hauser, H. Hagen, and H. Theisel (Eds.),
      Proceedings of the Workshop on Topology-Based Methods in Visualization 2005,
      pp. 35-49, Springer Series Mathematics and Visualization, 2007.
      ISBN: 978-3-540-70822-3
      [ps]   |   [pdf]   |   [bibtex]

    • Magnus Strengert, Thomas Klein, Ralf Botchen, Simon Stegmaier, Min Chen, and Thomas Ertl.
      Spectral volume rendering using GPU-based raycasting,
      The Visual Computer, 22(8), pp. 550-561, 2006.
      DOI: 10.1007/s00371-006-0028-0
      [ps]   |   [pdf]   |   [bibtex]

    • T. Klein, M. Strengert, S. Stegmaier, and T. Ertl.
      Exploiting Frame-to-Frame Coherence for Accelerating High-Quality Volume Raycasting on Graphics Hardware,
      Proceedings of IEEE Visualization '05,
      pp.123-230, 2005.
      [ps]   |   [pdf]   |   [bibtex]

    • S. Stegmaier, M. Strengert, T. Klein, and T. Ertl.
      A Simple and Flexible Volume Rendering Framework for Graphics-Hardware-based Raycasting,
      Proceedings of the International Workshop on Volume Graphics '05 (VG05),
      pp.187-195, 2005.
      [ps]   |   [pdf]   |   [bibtex]

    • T. Klein, and T. Ertl.
      Illustrating Magnetic Field Lines using a Discrete Particle Model,
      Proceedings of the Workshop on Vision, Modelling, and Visualization 2004 (VMV '04),
      pp. 387-394, 2004.
      [ps]   |   [pdf]   |   [bibtex]

    • T. Klein, S. Stegmaier, and T. Ertl.
      Hardware-accelerated Reconstruction of Polygonal Isosurface Representations on Unstructured Grids,
      Proceedings of Pacific Graphics '04,
      pp. 186-195, 2004.
      [ps]   |   [pdf]   |   [bibtex]

    • M. Weiler, T. Klein, and T. Ertl.
      Direct volume rendering in OpenSG.
      Computers and Graphics,
      Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 93-98, 2004.

    • T. Klein, M. Eissele, D. Weiskopf, and T. Ertl.
      Simulation, Modelling and Rendering of Incompressible Fluids in Real Time,
      Proceedings of the Workshop on Vision, Modelling, and Visualization 2003 (VMV '03),
      pp. 365-373, 2003.
      [ps]   |   [pdf]   |   [bibtex]
       Former Teaching     
    Winter Term 06/07

    Summer Term 06

    Winter Term 05/06

    Summer Term 05

    Winter Term 04/05

    Theses Topics
    • Volume Visualization, vector field visualization, hierarchical visualization,...
    • See also the list of available theses on the web page of the institute.

    In memoriam...