Welcome to the home of FATE, the user-friendly Freehand Adaptive Terrain Editor!
This piece of software is meant as an easy-to-understand alternative to EasyGen, another editor for creating virtual landscapes, e.g. terrain surfaces in maps for Enemy Territory (one of the best games ever, developed by SplashDamage).

Here is a short list of the current features of FATE:

  • Create terrain of unlimited size and arbitrary resolution.
  • Easy deformation with a variety of basis shapes along z axis, surface normal, in x/y plane or local tangent plane.
  • Plugin support for your own basis shape functions.
  • Simple definition of deformed region via radius or freehand outline.
  • Manual and numerical control over deformation amplitude.
  • Twentyfold undo of deformations.
  • Six predefined camera perspectives and two camera navigation modes (switch by hitting the right mouse button).
  • Export of terrain surface to ET compatible terrain of arbitrary thickness.
  • Automatic creation of shader files for distortionless texturing of steep hills and cliffs.

Features that will be implemented in the near and not so near future:

  • Simplification of terrain geometry (less triangles without visible loss in quality).
  • Smoothing of rough terrain meshes.
  • Improved shader creation with better support for dot product and alpha blending.
  • Multi-layered terrain textures.
  • Import of brush geometry.
  • Improved export functionality, e.g. thick meshes or automatic generation of structural VIS blocking structures.
  • ...

Latest News
New version: 0.13 for Windows and Linux
It took me much longer than expected because I didn't have much time in the last days... but here it is: FATE 0.13 for Linux and Windows. Grab it from the download page.
Site Goes Online
Finally, the initial version of this site goes online. I hope, the stupid javascript menu does not crash 100% of the time and that the testing of the layout with loads of Lorem Ipsum pays off. Since English is not one of my strengths (I am not a native speaker) please feel free to contact me and point out any errors you might find.
And now...: Enjoy ;-)