30. September 2021 / Christina Warren

Wanted: Two Research Assistants for Information Visualization

Software development in various projects related to Information Visualization

We are searching for two scientific research assistants for software development in various projects related to Information Visualization. Start time as soon as possible. Hours are flexible.

For our project Micro Vis (https://www.vis.uni-stuttgart.de/en/projects/dfg-anr-micro-vis/in-dex.html) associated with the SimTech Excellence Cluster, we are seeking two highly qualified Master students who will help with various projects related to study data analysis, machine learning, and programming of information visualizations using D3 for both Android Apps and classical JavaScript web applications. Depending on the skillset of the applicant you will work either on the machine learning side or the JavaScript/Statistical Analysis side.

Typical tasks of the research assistant can include:

  • Coding and digitalization of study documents
  • Statistical analysis of study data using R
  • Programming of information visualizations using JavaScript and D3
  • Programming of machine learning models for smartwatches


  • Excellent English communication skills (the project language is English)
  • Excellent programming skills in a modern, object-oriented language like C# or Java
  • Excellent programming skills of JavaScript and its associated libraries (e.g., D3)
  • Knowledge of statistical analyses and script languages (e.g., R, Python)
  • Knowledge of Android App development
  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and models (e.g., HMMs, Neural Networks)


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or a related field


Tanja Blascheck (tanja.blascheck@vis.uni-stuttgart.de)

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