Institute for Visualisation and Interactive Systems (VIS)

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The Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS) at the University of Stuttgart an institute of the Department of Computer Science  in the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information. VIS closely cooperates with the Visualization Institute of the University of Stuttgart (VISUS).

Around 70 people are conducting research and teaching in the areas of Visualisation and Computer Graphics, Human-Computer-.Interaction and Cognitive Systems, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, as well as Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Research Topics
Current Projects





Graphic-Interactive Systems

Prof. Thomas Ertl
Computer science building



Prof. Daniel Weiskopf
Working group VISUS

Andrés Bruhn

Intelligent Systems

Prof. Andrés Bruhn
Computer science building
Universitätsstraße 38

 Prof. Andreas Bulling

Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Systems

Prof. Andreas Bulling


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Jun.-Prof. Michael Sedlmair                 
Working group VISUS