People by role


Salutation Title Last name First name Function Profile
Mr. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bruhn Andrés Professor of Computer Science at the Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS) at the University of Stuttgart, Head of Intelligent Systems, Head of the Examination Board Softwaretechnik, Member of the Examination Board Informatik, Member of the Examination Board Medieninformatik, Member of the Examination Board Data Science Link
Mr. Prof. Dr. Bulling Andreas Professor for Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Systems Link
Mr. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. techn. h. c. Dr.-Ing. E. h. Ertl Thomas Full professor of Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart, Chair at the Visualization and Interactive Systems Institute (VIS), Head of the Visualization Research Center of the University of Stuttgart (VISUS), Vice Rector for Research and Advanced Graduate Education Link
Mr. Jun.-Prof. Sedlmair Michael Professorship Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Link
Mr. Prof. Dr. Weiskopf Daniel Professor of computer science at the Universität Stuttgart Visualization Research Center (VISUS), Visualization and Interactive Systems Institute (VIS), Institutsdirektor VIS, Stellvertretender Institutsleiter VISUS, Leiter Abteilung Visualisierung Link

Research associates

Salutation Title Last name First name Profile
Mr. M. Sc. Abdelaal Moataz Link
Mrs. M. Sc. Abdelrahman Yomna Link
??????       Link
Mr. Dipl.-Math., M. A. Baumann Martin Link
Mr. M. Sc. Becher Michael Link
Mr. Dr. Bosch Harald Link
Mr. M.Sc. Bruder Valentin Link
Mrs. M. Sc. El.Agroudy Passant Link
Mr. Dipl.-Phys. Fernandes Oliver Link
Mr. M.Sc. Franke Max Link
Mr. Dr. rer. nat. Frey Steffen Link
Mr. M. Sc. Frieß Florian Link
Mr. M.Sc. Gralka Patrick Link
??????       Link
Mr. M. Sc. Heinemann Moritz Link
Mr. Dipl.-Inf. Herr Dominik Link
Mr. Dr. rer. nat. Hlawatsch Marcel Link
Mrs. M.Sc. Huth Franziska Link
Mr. M. Sc. John Markus Link
Mrs. M. Sc. Poguntke Romina Link
Mr. M. Sc. Kiss Francisco E. Link
Mr. M. Sc. Knabben Moritz Link
Mr. M.Sc. Knittel Johannes Link
Mr. Dr. Koch Steffen Link
Mr. Dipl.-Medieninf. Körner David Link
Mr. Dr. Krueger Robert Link
Mr. Dipl.-Inf. Kurzhals Kuno Link
Mr. M. Sc. Le Huy Viet Link
Mr.   Lhuillier Antoine Link
Mrs. M. Sc. Mahtal Sanae Link
Mr. M. Sc. Maurer Daniel Link
Mr. Dipl.-Inf. Mayer Sven Link
Mr. Dr. Merino Leonel Link
Mr. Dipl.-Inf. Müller Christoph Link
Mr. M. Sc. Mumtaz Haris Link
Mrs. Dipl.-Inf., M. Sc. Munz Tanja Link
Mr. Dipl.-Inf. Netzel Rudolf Link
Mr. Dipl.-Inf. Pflüger Hermann Link
Mr. Dipl.-Phys. Raschke Michael Link
Mr. M. Sc. Rau Tobias Link
Mr. Dr. rer. nat. Reina Guido Link
Mr. Dipl.-Inf. Rodrigues Nils Link
Mr. M. Sc. Schatz Karsten Link
Mr.   Scheller Stefan Link
Mr. Dr. Schmitz Bernhard Link
Mr. Dipl.-Inf. Schulz Christoph Link
Mr. Dr. Schwind Valentin Link
Mr. M. Sc., M. Sc., B. Sc. Stoll Michael Link
Mr. M. Sc. Straub Alexander Link
Mr. Dr. Thom Dennis Link
Mr. M. Sc. Tkachev Gleb Link
??????       Link
Mrs. Dipl.-Inf. Voit Alexandra Link
Mr. Dipl.-Math. Volz Sebastian Link
Mr. Dipl.-Inf. Weber Dominik Link
Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Wender Alexander Link
Mr.   Zhou Liang Link


Salutation Title Last name First name Function Profile
Mrs. M.A. Ambrisi Patrizia Public Relations SFB 1313, VIS, VISUS Link
Mrs. Dipl.-Mediengest. Barthelmes Tina Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit SFB TRR 161, VIS, VISUS Link
Mr. Dipl.-Inf. Braun Matthias System Administrator - Department Visualisation Link
Mrs. M.A. Komnik Eugenia Sekretärin Abteilung Mensch-Computer Interaktion und Kognitive Systeme Link
Mr. Dipl.-Phys. Malina Anton System administrator Intelligente Systems department Link
??????         Link
Mrs.   Roubicek Margot Sekretärin Abteilung Intelligente Systeme Link
Mr. Dipl.-Phys. Schmid Martin System-Administrator VIS Link
Mrs. M.A. Schroth Sophie-G. Administration Manager Link
Mrs.   Schulz Maria Sekretärin VISUS Link
Mrs.   Schütz Christine Sekretärin Abteilung Grafisch-Interaktive Systeme Link
Mrs.   van Schayck Petra Sekretärin VISUS Link
Mrs.   Vrana Karin Sekretärin SFB TRR 161 und Sekretärin VISUS Link