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Within the bachelor study-course, the module Project-INF represents a subject-specific key qualification with 6 LP during the 5th specialized term and can be started at any time (not only within the semester term). During the Project-INF, students will get the chance to be introduced even early and exemplary enough to the Computer Science research. Therefore, during a period of maximum 6 months a team of at least 3 students shall work on a project being oriented on all current topics of the relevant departments and/or institutes. If necessary, the Project-INFs can also be continued for Bachelor-Thesis-Studies.

After having consulted the tutor concering the concrete theme etc.,  the Project INF's have to be registered within the office of the examination board. Afterwards, the legal aspects have to be signed within a contract by student and examiner.

In order to state the project's research character, the result has to be recorded within a scientific publication. The paper delivery as well as the oral presentation are required in order to issue the certificate / Schein.


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