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Fachpraktikum "Practical Course Visual Computing"
Semester: WS 2017/2018
Prüfer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Ertl
Betreuer: Karsten Schatz M.Sc.
Patrick Gralka M.Sc.
Dipl.-Phys. Oliver Fernandes



The first kick-off meeting will take place on Thursday, October 18th in the VISUS computer pool,

Allmandring 19, room 00.033, at 2:00 PM.


Begin End Description
2017-10-18 2017-11-02 Hello Cube!
2017-11-02 2017-11-16 Picking & Deferred Shading
2017-11-16 2017-11-30

Volume Visualization

2017-11-30 2017-12-14

Surface Visualization

2017-12-14 2018-??-??

Self-assigned project (template)


This course teaches students the basics of programming interactive 3D graphics applications. Students will gain experience in implementing hardware-accelerated visualization techniques and user interface programming. Participation in this course is recommended in preparation for future theses work on computer graphics and visualization. The course will be conducted in English and is targeted at students of MSc Computer Science, MSc Softwaretechnik, and MSc Informatik. The number of participants is limited to 10.


In this course, the OGL4Core framework is used to ease developing applications with OpenGL. Please download it from the linked page.


  1. OpenGL Programming Guide, 8th edition (OpenGL 4.3). Dave Shreiner, Graham Sellers, John M. Kessenich, Bill M. Licea-Kane. Addison-Wesley, 2013.
  2. OpenGL Reference Manual, 4th Edition
  3. Tutorials for modern OpenGL (3.3+)
  4. An Introduction to Ray Tracing. Andrew S. Glassner. Academic Press, Raytracing, 1989
  5. Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice. Foley, van Dam, Feiner, Huges. Addison-Wesley Professional, 1996.
  6. OpenGL Superbible: Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference (7th Edition). Graham Sellers, Richard Wright, Nicholas Haemel. Addison-Wesley, 2015.
  7. Version Control with Subversion (multilingual)
  8. Using Git and Subversion (optional)
Termine: Donnerstag, 14:00 - 14:45 Uhr (14-tägig) in VISUS 00.033

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