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Hauptseminar "Software Visualization"
Semester: WS 2014/2015
Umfang: 2 HS / 3 ECTS
Dozent: Dr. Fabian Beck
Dr. rer. nat. Michael Burch
Dipl.-Inf. Kuno Kurzhals

Software systems are complex constructs consisting of millions of lines of code produced by hundreds of developers over years of development activity. Extending and debugging these systems requires profound knowledge of the system structure, its dependencies, and historical circumstances. Also social and organizational aspects need to be taken into account, in particular, for managing a software project. Visualizations are able to support software developers, testers, and managers in related tasks by giving an overview of the structure and evolution of software systems as well as by illustrating specific executions of the system.



1. Evolution of a software project visualized as a city [Steinbrückner and Lewerentz 2012].
2. Comparison of two execution traces [Trümper et al. 2013].
3. Visual dependency links in IDEs [Karrer et al. 2011].


Topics: see Ilias

Themen: Die Themen für dieses Seminar stehen noch nicht fest.
Termine: Freitag, 11:30 - 13:00 Uhr in VISUS building, 00.012
Organisatorische Hinweise:

The goal of this seminar is to summarize and discuss the state of the art in visualizing software systems. To this end, we will search and review latest publications on the topic. All texts will be written in English; working language for the seminar is English if requested by the participants, or German otherwise. Specific topics are, for example:

  • Structure and Evolution
    • Node-Link Coupling Graphs
    • Dependency Structure Matrices
    • Software Cities
    • Visualization of Software Evolution
  • Program Execution
    • Trace Visualization
    • Memory Visualization
    • Performance Visualization
  • Development Tools
    • Visual IDEs
    • Visual Debugging
    • Visual Programming
    • Visual Spreadsheet Systems

Topic Assignment: July 17, 2014, 1pm, VISUS building, Allmandring 19, room 00.012

If you missed the seminar subscription period and topic assignment, please contact Fabian Beck (

Target Audience: Dipl./MSc Informatik, Dipl./MSc Softwaretechnik, MSc Computer Science/Visual Computing

Deadlines: see Ilias, the below deadlines do not apply

Abgabefrist für Folien: 0 Tag(e) nach dem Vortrag
Abgabefrist für Ausarbeitung: 0 Tag(e) nach dem Vortrag

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