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Hauptseminar "Interactive Visualization"
Semester: SS 2016
Umfang: 2HS
Dozent: Dr. rer. nat. Michael Burch
Prof. Dr. Daniel Weiskopf

More and more data is generated and stored which comes from the progress in hardware technologies applied in various fields of applications. Software engineering, the social sciences, the field of sports, biology, chemistry, but also data from user behavior studies can build a basis for data analysis.

Visualization techniques are designed and improved with the goal to support data analysts at exploring datasets by exploiting the strengths of the human visual system. Interaction also plays a major role in the field of visualization allowing a communication between the users and the system providing them with additional views and perspectives to the data.

This advanced seminar (Hauptseminar) addresses the role of interaction in data visualizations and covers different topics from techniques to applications and evaluation.




Scientific Writing

Presentation Techniques

How to Review a Paper

Latex Template

Presentation Template


Target Audience:

- Master-Studiengang Informatik

- Master-Studiengang Softwaretechnik

- Diplom-Studiengang Softwaretechnik

- Master in Computer-Science - Studienprofil Visual Computing VC


Seminar Schedule (weekly updated!):

Date In Seminar Homework
07.04.2016 - 5 minute talks that shortly introduce
  the topics

 - think about your outline/structure
  of the topic
 - design a slide
 - send slide until April 14th, 10am

14.04.2016 - how to search for literature
- 3 minute talks about outlines/structures

 - search for literature
 - prepare 2 slides with literature results
 - send 2 slides until April 21st, 10am


- literature presentation/discussion
- how to write an introduction, etc.

 - write an introduction (300-400 words)
 - send document until April 28th, 10am


- how to write a scientific paper
- comments on the introductions

 - prepare section structure
 - experience latex template (will follow)
 - send structure until May 12th, 10am


- how to give a good presentation
- discuss text structure in groups

 - preparation of talks
 - write first draft of your paper
 - send paper drafts until June 2nd, 10am


- how to review a paper
- reviewing of text drafts in groups

 - writing
 - improve texts
 - preparation of talks
 - preparation of slides
 - send slide drafts until June 9th


- how to review a paper
- discuss slides in groups
- discuss texts in groups

 - prepare talks and texts

- presentations

 - prepare talks and texts

- presentations

 - prepare talks and texts
30.06.16 - presentations  - prepare talks and texts
07.07.16 - presentations  - prepare talks and texts
14.07.16 - presentations  - prepare talks and texts



Date Topic Area Student Supervisor
June 16th The role of Interaction in InfoVis/SciVis/Perception Introduction and Overview Frank Heyen Michael Burch
June 16th Interaction Principles Introduction and Overview Kathrin Angerbauer Michael Burch
June 16th 2D vs. 3D Interaction Introduction and Overview Sebastian Beck Michael Burch
June 23rd Zooming Specific Interaction Techniques Ebida Zugor Robert Krüger
June 23rd Focus+Context using Lenses Specific Interaction Techniques Moritz Knabben Robert Krüger
June 23rd Multiple Coordinated Views (MCVs) Specific Interaction Techniques Wolfgang Kraus Robert Krüger
June 30th Very Large Displays/ Powerwalls Interaction on Different Displays Tamara Müller Florian Heimerl
June 30th Smartphones/Tablets Interaction on Different Displays Lirong Yang Florian Heimerl
June 30th Tabletop Displays Interaction on Different Displays Sarah Oppold Florian Heimerl
July 7th Information Visualization Interactive Visualization
Patrick Wickenhäuser Markus John
July 7th Geographic Visualization Interactive Visualization
Payal Vijay Shah Markus John
July 7th Scientific Visualization Interactive Visualization
Sophie Ogando Markus John
July 14th Crowd Sourcing Experiments Interactive Visualization
Aparna Bose Tanja Blascheck
July 14th Expert User Studies/Reviews Interactive Visualization
Vincenz Pauly Tanja Blascheck
July 14th Eye Tracking Studies Interactive Visualization
Meenu Saratchandran Tanja Blascheck

Deadlines for papers: 15 August 2016

Themen: Die Themen für dieses Seminar stehen noch nicht fest.
Termine: Donnerstag, 14:00 - 15:30 Uhr in 0.108
Organisatorische Hinweise:
Abgabefrist für Folien: 0 Tag(e) nach dem Vortrag
Abgabefrist für Ausarbeitung: 0 Tag(e) nach dem Vortrag

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