Director: Prof. Dr. Daniel Weiskopf
University of Stuttgart Visualisation Research Centre (VISUS), Allmandring 19, 70569 Stuttgart

  • Scientific visualisation
  • Information visualisation
  • Visual analytics

All VISUS's departments contribute to the teaching efforts of the institute (in the bachelor and master programmes) in the field of computer science in visualisation, information visualisation and visual analytics.
Teaching at VIS
Teaching activities in C@MPUS

  • SPP 1335: Scalable Visual Analytics
  • SFB 716 - D5: Aggregation and Multiscale Techniques
  • SimTech - 8-7: Visualisation for integrated simulation systems
  • Astro: Photorealistic and interactive display of astronomic objects for digital planetariums

Scientific Visualisation

  • Volume visualisation (for example medical neuro-imaging)
  • Flow visualisation, vector field and tensor field visualisation
  • Visualisation of astronomically and relativistically data and objects
  • Visualisation in Special and General Relativity

Information Visualisation and Visual Analytics

  • Visualisation of dynamic graphs and hierarchies
  • Visualisation in bioinformatics
  • Visual analysis of video streams

There is a close cooperation with the working groups at the Visualization Research Center of the University of Stuttgart (VISUS) and the research groups at VIS.



This image shows Daniel Weiskopf
Prof. Dr.

Daniel Weiskopf

Managing Director VIS, Co-Director VISUS

This image shows Karin Vrana

Karin Vrana

Secretary SFB-TRR 161 and Secretary VISUS

This image shows Maria Schulz

Maria Schulz

Secretary VISUS

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