EXC: SimTech

Cluster of Excellence Simulation Technology

With the Cluster of Excellence in Simulation Technology (SimTech), the University of Stuttgart successfully contributes to the excellence initiative funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The cluster was founded since 2008 for 5 years, a second research period started at the end of 2012.

Numerical simulation is an important tool in research as well as in applications of industry. They can replace or facilitate complex, and expensive, or infeasible, real world experiments. With numerous projects, a large number of institutes of the University of Stuttgart contribute to SimTech. The potential of the cluster in particular lies in the tight interdisciplinary cooperation of the projects, the active exchange of knowledge between the disciplines, and the resulting synergy effects. The joint research effort of SimTech leads to the development of new approaches making numerical simulation more efficient, robust, and applicable in novel, complex scenarios. A primary goal of the cluster of excellence is the fusion of the separate strategies and concepts of the participating disciplines, yielding a new kind of integrated simulation environment. Interactive visualization plays an important role in such an environment. It alleviates and facilitates the analysis of the huge amount of data generated by the numerical simulations.

VIS and VISUS contributes to SimTech with different projects in the field of scientific visualization and computer graphics. The PhD students working on the projects are tightly integrated into SimTech, e.g., through the membership in the SimTech graduate school, improving interdisciplinary cooperation and research. Moreover, further researchers of our institutes, which are not directly funded by SimTech, are members of the graduate school, allowing them to benefit from the interdisciplinary environment, as well as to contribute to it.

Subproject of the current research period (2013-2017)

Terminated Subprojects

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