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Sonderforschungsbereich 1313

"Interface-Driven Multi-Field Processes in Porous Media – Flow, Transport and Deformation"
Collaborative Research Center funded by the German Research Fondation (DFG)

Porous media are almost everywhere

Whether it be technical, environmental or biological systems – porous media can be found in various fields. They all have their porous structure, their permeability, and their interfaces in common.

About SFB 1313


SFB 1313 is an interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Centre of the University of Stuttgart, consisting of four major project areas (A-D), divided in 18 individual research projects.

A     Free flow and porous-media flow
B     Fracture propagation and fluid flow
C     Fluid-solid phase change
D     Benchmarks, computing, and visualization

SFB 1313 startet on 1st January 2018. It is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and affiliated to the Stuttgart Centre for Simulation Sciences (SimTech). In total, 48 researchers of 17 different institutes of the University of Stuttgart and partner universities build the SFB 1313 team.

SFB 1313 Team


Interfaces have a great impact on multi-field processes (flow, transport and deformation) in porous-media systems. SFB 1313 aims to research these interfaces and to gain a fundamental understanding how they affect multi-field processes. An important step is therefore to quantify how the dynamics of fluid-fluid and fluid-solid interfaces in porous-media systems are affected by pore geometry, heterogeneity and fractures. Furthermore, developing experimental knowledge as well as mathematical and computational models will support SFB 1313‘s research.


Interface-driven multi-field processes in porous media are highly relevant for multiple applications in environmental, technical and biological systems. Whether climate models, fuel cells, cooling systems, energy storage in the natural underground, tumor growth, medication transport into human cells or vertebroplasty - these are just a few examples of such systems.


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