Alexander von Humboldt Professor Dieter Schmalstieg

Successful DFG Application

April 16, 2024

New project will be funded with a sum of over 360.000 Euros.

Congratulations to Alexander von Humboldt Professor Dieter Schmalstieg, who has been successful with his DFG project proposal. For the next three years, the German Research Foundation will support his project “End-to-End View-Dependent Compressed Rendering” with a total amount of 364.414 Euros.

The project will investigate a novel method that uncompresses graphics data on the fly, just in time for image synthesis, requiring only a fraction of the original uncompressed memory to operate. Displaying huge virtual worlds, which is a common requirement of current computer games and other interactive graphics applications but requires more memory than available to the graphics processor, will thus become more feasible.

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