Droplet Interaction Technologies

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ertl

Associated researcher:
Alexander Straub, M.Sc.

Funded by:
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

2016 - 2021

Project website:

In this international research training group, the doctoral students undertake the study of droplet interaction phenomena. The objective is to gain understanding of the effects that micro-scale phenomena have on the macroscopic flow properties. For this task, DROPIT is organised in three thematic areas, in which different interactions between the fluid and other media are investigated. Theses are: drop-gas interaction, drop-wall interaction and drop-liquid interaction. Additionally, the participating institutes form an interdisciplinary, international collaboration between the universities in Stuttgart, Bergamo and Trento. Combining different approaches, the doctoral researchers work on the problems experimentally, numerically, theoretically and visually.

The training of the doctoral students is one of the major tasks in the DROPIT project. In addition to workshops and seminars, internationally recognised researchers are invited to do research together within a Summer School. The project is also integrated in the graduate schools of the respective universities; GRADUS for the University of Stuttgart. Additionally, the doctoral students are given the possibility to be part of the graduate school of the Cluster of Excellence in Simulation Technology.

The role of VIS(US) in this collaboration is the visualisation of properties at droplet interfaces, ranging from visualisation of fluid flow in porous media to the visualisation of interface deformation and droplet-local flow. This is realised in the subproject C4: Visualisation of drop-liquid interaction.

For further information, please visit the project website:


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