The Gödel Universe - Physical Aspects and Egocentric Visualizations
Frank Grave
Universität Stuttgart - 1. Institut für Theoretische Physik

Light cones and wavefronts: Fig. 7.1, Fig. 7.2

Coordinate grids: Fig. 7.5,Fig. 7.6

Pushung a sphere across the horizon, without and with point light source: Fig. 7.14Fig. 7.17

Light source circling object: Fig. 7.18

Pushing object up- and downwards, then across the horizon: Fig. 7.20Fig. 7.21

Pushing light source upwards: Fig. 7.22aFig. 7.22b

Pushing one sphere "behind" another: Fig. 7.23

Causal motion, visual and red shift: Fig. 7.29a-dFig. 7.22b

Causal motion, visual and red shift, later time: Fig. 7.29a-dFig. 7.29e-h

Causal motion, time shifts: Fig. 30a-dFig. 30e-h


Geodesical time travel: Fig. 34a-eFig. 34f-j

Geodesical time travel and higher order images: Fig. 35Fig. 36aFig. 36bFig. 36c

Motion on a CTC, time shift and visual impressions: Fig. 7.40Fig. 7.41a-e

Motion on a CTC, redshift: Fig.7.41f-jFig.7.42aFig. 7.42bFig. 7.42c

Circular motion around origin, visual and red shift: Fig. 8.1aFig. 8.1b

Circular motion around origin, time shift: Fig. 8.2

Hipparcos catalog, changing Gödel radius: Fig. 8.3Fig. 8.4

Flying through Hipparcos catalog: Fig. 8.5

Enterprise in the Gödel universe: Fig. 8.6 (HQ)Fig. 8.6 (MQ)Fig. 8.6 (LQ)

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