Visualization of a Morris-Thorne wormhole

The Morris-Thorne wormhole spacetime is one of the most simple, non-trivial solution of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity[1]. However, it is not so easy to understand what an observer traveling through this wormhole spacetime would actually see. The most straight forward method to visualize the first-person view is four-dimensional ray-tracing [2,3].

A detailed discussion of the visual appearance of a Morris-Thorne wormhole is given in [4].

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Null geodesics



  The observer moves around the wormhole on a circular orbit looking towards the center of the wormhole. After one full revolution, he flies through the wormhole.

MTflight_720x576.mp4 (mpeg4, 17MB)
MTflight_360x288.mp4 (mpeg4, 3MB)


  The observer throws a soccer ball towards the center of the wormhole.

MTballFront_720x576.mp4 (mpeg4, 2.1MB)
MTballFront_360x288.mp4 (mpeg4, 584kB)


  A soccer ball is thrown towards the center of the wormhole from a point to the right of the observer.

MTballRight_720x576.mp4 (mpeg4, 2.8MB)
MTballRight_360x288.mp4 (mpeg4, 808kB)


  The observer travels through a wormhole that is surrounded by two rooms. (Quicktime, 81MB)


  The observer orbits around the wormhole that is surrounded by two rooms. (Zip, Quicktime, 148MB)


  The observer travels along the wormhole throat. (Quicktime, 81MB)


  Wormhole with a "Contact-machine" on each side by Oliver Fechtig [5].

MTcontact_360x288.mp4 (mpeg4, 23MB)

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