Best Presentation Prize at ICVSS 2023 for Jenny Schmalfuss

July 25, 2023

One of three presentation prizes awarded for poster on "Distracting Downpour: Adversarial Weather Attacks for Motion Estimation"

For her poster on the paper "Distracting Downpour: Adversarial Weather Attacks for Motion Estimation", VIS researcher Jenny Schmalfuss received a best presentation prize (third place) at the International Computer Vision Summer School 2023 (ICVSS). The paper, which was co-authored with Lukas Mehl and Andrés Bruhn, presents a novel attack on motion estimation that exploits adversarially optimized particles to mimic weather effects like snowflakes, rain streaks, or fog clouds.

VIS researcher Jenny Schmalfuss giving her talk at ICVSS 2023.

ICVSS 2023 took place in Sicily, Italy, from July 9-15, and accepted 170 out of 614 applicants. In total, three presentation prizes were awarded during the summer school. The paper on weather-based attacks on neural networks for motion estimation from image sequences, which was previewed at the summer school, will soon appear at one of the top conferences in computer vision: the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), held from October 2-6, in Paris, France.

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