Torus around a Schwarzschild black hole

Linux Installation Manual

System requirements

  • You need a graphics card with an NVIDIA GeForce 7900 chip or higher and at least 300MB GPU memory or an equivalent graphics card.
  • Qt 4.6 or higher must be installed. → Qt SDK

Installation with Qt Creator

  • Start Qt Creator.
  • Open Project via: File → Open File or Project... →
  • Double-click on

    The Qt Creator should now look like this...
  • Adjust the TOP_DIR path and save the file.

    If you expand the Headers, Resources, and Sources directories within the Projects window, it should look like this:

    If the .h and .cpp files do not appear, your TOP_DIR variable might be wrong.
  • If you have a joystick and the library libjsw installed, you can set HAVE_JOYSTICK = yes.
  • Enter "Projects" tab and open "Show Details". If you have more than one Qt version installed, you have to choose Qt 4.6 or higher:
  • Now you can build the Torus application via: Build → Build Project "torus_linux".

    The progress bar shows you, when the build process has finished:

Start the application

  • Before starting the application, you have to download some material files. A good starting point are the following ones. You should store them e.g. in TOP_DIR/data. (Do a right-click on the links → Save Link As...) 

  • Open the just downloaded config.ini file with a standard text editor and replace ‹path› by the TOP_DIR/data entry, here e.g. /home/muelleta/Projekte/qtTorus
  • Now, return to Qt Creator and start the application by pressing the play button.

  • Open the config file via: File → Load config-file

    Loading the lookup tables and the other files may take a few seconds...

    When all files are loaded correctly, the red labels in the lower right corner should disappear, otherwise, the following files are missing: BGimg: background image, Timg: torus image, Din: lookup table in, Dout: lookup table out, Dbg: lookup table background, temp: temperature assignment table. Then, check the config.ini file.


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