Interactive Schematic Summaries

Interactive Schematic Summaries (ISS) is a scalable technique to explore surveillance videos by
scatter/gather browsing of trajectories of moving objects.

Trajectories are clustered according to a variety of properties, such as location, orientation, and velocity that can be selected by the users. These properties allow for faceted video exploration and refinement of previous browsing steps.

The proposed approach facilitates interactive clustering of trajectories by an effective way of cluster visualization that we term schematic summaries. This novel visualization illustrates cluster summaries in a schematic, non-photorealistic style. To reduce visual clutter, we introduce the trajectory bundling technique. Further, schematic summaries include a timeline view and a showcase view to represent the facets present in a cluster. The fusion of schematic summaries, a variety of facets, and user interaction lead to efficient hierarchical exploration of video data.

This page provides supplemantary material for the paper "Interactive Schematic Summaries for Faceted Exploration of Surveillance Video" published in IEEE Transaction for Multimedia as is an extension of the paper "Interactive Schematic Summaries for Exploration of Surveillance Video" published at ICMR 2011.

Video Tutorial

The video file is encoded with the H.264 codec (video) and the AAC codec (audio). If you have any problems viewing the video sequence, you may download the VLC media player, including several useful codecs.